Cheryl Post Advertising Student &  Photographer
Cheryl Post is a bright student art director and photographer living in #HamOnt.


All other photography by Cheryl Post that would not be included in headshots, baby photography, couples photography, lifestyle photography, or food photography.

Already missing you, Vancouver!

In January this year I made the painful decision to leave Vancouver and go back to Ontario. There is so much to love about Vancouver, but most of the people I love are back in Ontario, so I decided it was time to pack up my boyfriend and my cat and head east. 

Officially, we move at the end of May. The past couple months I've been mentally sorting all my possessions and deciding what stays, what goes, who I can give things to, what to sell, what to donate, what I can fit in a suitcase.... It never seems to end! 

When I'm not mentally sorting, I've been thinking a lot about how much I'm going to miss Vancouver, especially my neighbourhood that I have become very attached to. I love walking down the street and saying "Hi!" to the different people I've come to know. Slowly my boyfriend and I have been giving the news to each one, and have realized just how much they genuinely care about us and will be sad to see us go. You will all be missed! 

As much as I will miss the west coast, I'm looking forward to the opportunities I'll be exploring in Ontario! I can't wait to work with small business owners all around Hamilton and Brantford!