Cheryl Post Advertising Student &  Photographer
Cheryl Post is a bright student art director and photographer living in #HamOnt.


All other photography by Cheryl Post that would not be included in headshots, baby photography, couples photography, lifestyle photography, or food photography.

Harvest Deli in Kitsilano

Chef Rami at the Harvest Deli on West Broadway is entirely underrated. He has created some of the most delicious sandwiches by putting together great ingredients in a creative way. Although his sandwiches are becoming well known, he has some other tricks up his sleeve! He also serves all day breakfast with some traditional options and something called Shashuka. Everyone needs to try shashuka, specifically his! There is so much flavour and goodness packed into this dish, which at first glance seems like plain eggs and hash browns. 

Stop by his little deli and you'll see my photo!